Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Knowledge is Power

When Darwin propounded his theories ‘struggle for existence’ and ‘survival of the fittest’ in the mid 19th century, he had scientifically proved that homosapiens were the most superior of all animals. It was not only due to some special physical attributes of human beings, but primarily due to their immense capacity to adjust. The power of speech, memory, etc. all helped the human beings reach great heights from where they command and control all other animals, and controlling the forces of nature to a large extent.

Importance of Knowledge in Today’s World
The culture, society, thought, science and technology are the men’s powerful weapons. The societies which are scientifically more advanced have a better place in hierarchy. In today’s world, the power of physical strength has been given least importance as compared to the power of knowledge.

This is not only true for the societies and groups, but also for the individuals. The ones with more knowledge and sharp minds do better in life as now we have meritocracy, i.e. merit-based society. Nowadays, the standard of measurement of knowledge is tested through examination, discussions, interviews and performances.

The knowledge today provides opportunities to hold positions, which by the sanction of the society, carry some rights. These rights are actually the powers which go along with that position. The more organized and complex the society and civilization become, the more will be the importance of knowledge. This is because complexity and organization cannot be managed by people who lack knowledge. Thus, we can say that in the present world, knowledge is power.

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