Sunday, July 10, 2011

Best 5 amazing architectural buildings

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has honoured the RIBA International Awards to buildings for their breathtaking beauty and futuristic design in 2011. Find out the list of best 5 buildings with marvelous architecture:
  1. Masdar Institute Campus, Abu Dhabi - The campus built by the Architect, Foster and Partners uses traditional and modern materials for a perfect blend of natural lighting and cooling that minimizes energy requirements.
  2. Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou, China - Built by Zaha Hadid Architects, this structure resembles two pebbles along the Pearl River and looks like a space ship under the stars, which costs around USD 200 million.
  3. Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia - It is a group of buildings, terraces, pools and gardens situated 100 meters above the Indian Ocean on a limestone cliff, which costs around USD 100 million.
  4. Galleria Centercity Department Store, Cheonan, Republic of Korea - The beautiful Galleria Cheonan built by the architect UN Studio, is a semi-cultural meeting place and a department store with a total area of 66,700 sq m.
  5. North College, Rice University, Houston, USA - This building with 400 rooms has a glass-covered cafe and a special exhibition gallery. The gross internal area is about 300,000 sq m.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to Decorate Children’s Room

Children’s room should be decorated in such a manner which makes them enjoy after coming to the room. The child must be comfortable in that room. If you are planning to decorate your child’s room then you have to keep few things in mind.

Tips to decorate children’s room
The first and foremost thing is to know and understand the choice of your children. It is important to take the advice of the child also so that he/she will feel special and good after entering the room. You can select some unique color for the walls depending upon the choice of your child. Some children like bright colors whereas some like light colors that are soothing to the eyes. You can also have different colors for different walls. After completing the walls, put the lights in a way that could create a good ambiance. You can also go for combination of dim and bright lights.

After you are done with the walls and lights, select the furniture according to the room space. Do not overload the room with extra furniture. Select a beautiful bed and place it at proper location. Always create a proper study space which is very important. Put a study table and a chair so that your child can comfortably sit and study.

If your child loves soft toys, then you can place some soft toys on the bed and some in the corners. You can decorate the walls either by family photographs or by some good cartoon posters and collages.
So, these are some of the tips you must keep in mind while decorating your children’s room.

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