Sunday, August 14, 2011

Indian professionals outdo casual Europeans

As per a global Reuters/Ipsos poll on business attire, it was found that Indians dress smartest for work, which involve around 12,500 people from different countries. 58 per cent of Indians prefers to wear a suit or other smart clothing for work and business while only 27 percent Europeans wants to wear a business suit or smart clothes to work.

Formal v/s Casual clothing
The poll found that 66 percent of workers said senior managers that ran an organization should always dress up in formal and business clothing. To add more, 64 percent Indians particularly think casual wearers would not promote to senior management so easily. After India, it is Saudi Arabians where 51 percent people ruled out casual dressers making senior management and France coming third at 45 per cent.

After 58 percent Indians, it is South Koreans and Chinese people who also prefer to wear professional and smart clothing at work place with 47% and 46% respectively. Hungarians tops the list from bottom with only 12 percent likes to wear formal clothing and 46% of Hungarians prefers to wear shorts at work place. Americans were found in middle of the list with 37 per cent prefers to wear smart clothing while 32 per cent prefers shorts over formals.

These poll results show that country with smart clothing like India and China are leading while the economic problems are continuously increasing in Europe and America. Does it mean smart clothing has some kind of impact on mind and productivity? I think it is the time for the world to think.

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