Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to Identify Stroke and Save Life

Many times we hear of people dying due to stroke, but if we ask what exactly happened, nobody gives you proper answer and says, it just happened suddenly and he/she died. What normally happens is that the injured person falls down and after few hours’ just passes away, though there is no physical injury. Actually there may not be any physical injuries but most of the times there are internal injuries, which causes such disasters after stroke.

Signs of Strokes
As per some neurologists, there are few ways to identify stroke. So, if someone falls down near to you and he/she feels a bit diminished, just ask him/her few questions and you can recognize whether that person has suffered a stroke or not.

These questions are:
  • Ask the individual to SMILE
  • Ask the person to TALK (just ask to speak a simple sentence of 4-5 words)
  • Ask the person to RAISE both arms
If that person shows trouble in any one of these tasks, call the Ambulance immediately and describe the symptoms as there could be possibilities of internal injuries and blood clotting.

There is one more sign to identify stroke. Ask the person to stick out his/her tongue. If the tongue is ‘crooked’, or if it goes to one side, then that’s an indication of stroke. So, whenever you see someone clotting after an accident, ask the person above questions and you can save one life. Saving one life means giving happiness to many.

So, always remember STR (Smile, Talk, Raise).

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