Sunday, June 27, 2010

Snipsly - A chance to win iPad or $500 with increase in traffic

Snipsly is a revenue sharing website which offers revenue from AdSense with 80/20 split and text advertising using Kontera. The reason of Snipsly's popularity is its easy to use interface powered by ‘wordpress’. You can submit posts, create your own blog, create back links to your articles and share revenue. Apart from that, Snipsly offers chances to get easy money or gift by organizing contests every now and then.

Currently, it has organized a contest which gives you a chance to win iPad or $500 in cash via PayPal. Snipsly is getting love from writers and surely will become more popular in near future. Join Snipsly and get a chance to win trendy iPad.


JonCohen said...

Hi Anuj,

This is Jonathan from Kontera. Our In-Text network is a great way to monetize Snipsly or any other website.

What makes Kontera so effective at optimizing your content is our Contextual Technology, an algorithm that rather than scanning for keywords like our competitors rely on, can read your webpages for meaning. This added layer of relevancy is how we can deliver you the highest CTR and best CPC.

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For any of Anuj's readers who would like to become a part of Kontera, we're currently offering a 70% revenue share, which is the highest rate in the industry. We're also offering a $50 bonus for any new publisher who gets at least 25,000 U.S. page views during their first 30 days on the network. Additionally, we recently lowered our minimum payout threshold from $100 to $50 across all payment methods.

To learn more about the Kontera Network, please visit our Publisher Page: http/


- Jonathan Cohen
Kontera Community Manager

Anuj Agarwal said...

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for dropping by. Kontera is really effective for in-text advertising. But as an update from Snipsly, they have disabled Kontera ads to load the pages faster. May be, you need to work on this issue to avoid such situations from other partners.