Monday, May 31, 2010

YouSayToo – A Revenue Sharing Community to increase Readership and Earnings

YouSayToo is a revenue sharing community for bloggers to increase the readership and earnings from their blogs. It provides you an option to include your existing blog from Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, LiveJournal, FaceBook and other blogging platforms. You can also create your own blogs, upload flash games and earn revenue using Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate.

Another great feature of YouSayToo is to advertise your blog. Your blog will be advertised on another blog within minutes and some other blog will be featured on your blog to increase the readership of all added blogs.
It also organizes some challenges and contests for members and give them a chance to win some cash prizes and gifts.

Check out my profile and join YouSayToo to increase your readership.

Read more about YouSayToo and other revenue sharing sites from the below link

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