Thursday, December 24, 2009

Effects of Global Warming on Earth

Global Warming has severe effects on Earth. It causes the change in climate, which can result in less rainfall. Temperature of Earth will keep on increasing, which may create unsuitable living conditions at certain places around the world. Global Warming not only has drastic effects on human beings, but also disturbs the marine life severely.

Many scientists and environmentalists around the world are working to minimize the causes and effects of global warming, so that less toxic gases will emit into the atmosphere. Click here to read more effects of Global Warming.


archer said...
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andy said...

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The high price of petroleum is making it possible to introduce non-petroleum based transportation.To put it simply, we all die by the year 2100. :-P How is that for how it will affect the earth? Most animals except dogs will live. I feel sorry for the dogs cause they rely on us for survival.

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