Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to get more visitors: Easy-to-follow tricks

There are various ways to get visitors, and every one has his/her own ways to get some visitors to their website or blog. Initially one goes by sending links to friends whenever they write new articles, but this way is only good for some initial posts. There needs to be ways to get regular traffic instead of sending individual mails. For this, you have to write regularly, key-word rich original content.Your articles needs to be informative, should catch attention of readers, and must get indexed with search engines.

After searching various places on internet, I came to a post on hubpages by Shalini, giving various ways to increase traffic and get more visitors to hubs. But these points are not limited to hubpages but also work for other blog-sites like blogger or wordpress.

I hope the tricks mentioned by Shalini will definitely help the fellow bloggers/hubbers to get more visitors. And if someone is new to writing articles, look at this hub, you will get some idea what to write on.

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