Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Keep your switch ON

One should always keep their switch ‘ON’, I’m not saying to keep your electrical switches ‘ON’ but to keep your mental and physical switches in ‘ON’ state or better to say in a running state. Do not switch it ‘OFF’, even when you are tired or when somebody or your boss scolds you. When you make your switch ‘OFF’, it is not only your switch but you are making many switches OFF. Always put a smile on your face even when you are in trouble. If you show sadness, others will hesitate to talk to you as they might think you are not in a good mood, and will ask you ‘Is anything wrong with you?’ Now you may become sad and even the other person. So you are making many switches OFF.

Take an example, first a funny one:

Once Sukhi Ram was walking on a road and suddenly a bird shits over his head, Sukhi Ram smiled and took out his handkerchief and cleans his head. Dukhi Ram was watching all this and asked Sukhi Ram, why you are smiling when that bird shits on your head, you should get irritated. Sukhi Ram told I thanked God for not making buffaloes fly.

So there could be lots of persons like Dukhi Ram who wants to spoil your mood but you have to keep your head calm and keep it in ‘ON’ state.

When you had a bad day or quite a tiring day at work, do not keep your switch OFF while going to home. As when you will enter your home, your family members can easily read your face and will also feel that you are tired and may not talk much and you will feel more exhausted and tired. But if your switch is ON, everyone would talk to you and will tell the incidents happened that day, kids may tell some funny thins, so you may forget all bad incidents and will feel afresh. It is a bit difficult to always be in ON state but if you will start practicing it, you may not find it very difficult.

Sometimes, unknowingly, we make others switches OFF, by asking un-necessary questions or by telling something that one is not interested in. Suppose somebody bought a new car, and you ask about the mileage, power and some other stuff, till this it is all fine but if you start comparing with some other car, and saying that car is good, it is having that much mileage, pick-up is good, so you are making other persons switch OFF. So one should avoid all this and make his and let others switch in ON state.

When you enter the office every morning, always say ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Hello’ to your colleagues with a smile. It starts your day with a positive note. And when somebody asks you how are the things going on, do not say “ yah just going on” (bas chal raha hai OR kat rahi hai), instead “ yah everything is fine and good”. This will make you feel good.

Let us take one more example from our mythological story ‘Mahabharata’ (hope everyone has seen it and remembers),

When Duryodhana fell into the pond of water, Draupadi from the top watched him, and laughed at him and said “andhe ka putra andha”. This made Duryodhana switch OFF and was the major cause of great Mahabharata. So if Draupadi’s switch would have been ON, she would not have said all that.

So always make your switch 'ON' and try to avoid these kinds of situations or Mahabharatas.


priyanka said...

Good article....will try following it :)

Deepak Purohit said...

pddzcgood article dude.....taarif sunke swith ON hua na..

Anuj Agarwal said...

correct... :) always try to praise others if they worth it.
And thanks for the nice comment.

Girish Gaitonde said...

Hi Anuj

Dude it is a great motivational article.

Actually it truly speaks your personality.

Aadmi jaisa hota hai waise hi uski soch hoti hai:)

Keep Writing,Look forward to your next article.:)

Anuj Agarwal said...

Thanks Girish for liking the article and your comment is inspiring me to write some more articles on such subjects...

Yaagnesh said...

Nice one buddy !! lagata hai aapne gaon ke paas gaya hai tub se teri switch jyada ON rahene lagi hai (:P) isn't it ?? really good one !!

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